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Sales Solutions For Success

Sales forecasting helps companies predict what future sales will be, enabling a company to make accurate plans and more informed business decisions. However, many companies need better sales planning and forecasting predictability to create sustainable improvements in the following areas: 

  • Revenue 

  • Profitability 

  • Predictability

  • Resource allocation 


Hello. My name is Chuck Kitchen, founder of  Business Betterments and I can help. I have a strong B2B manufacturing and distribution sales and business management background helping companies maximize sales and profit performance. I've worked with large, medium and small sized organizations, both public and private. This includes many facets of business from field sales to executive level roles with full P&L, Board review and turnaround experience. 


Drawing upon this experience, I help organizations efficiently and effectively identify and secure profitable growth opportunities by sharing my experience along with our proprietary sales resource optimization program, GENREV! ™. It’s the perfect solution for business leaders who need sales process improvement and measurement to meet their goals.

Looking strategically forward instead of measuring backwards, GENREV! ™ provides a platform to develop a meaningful understanding of customer relationships, construct viable, intelligent sales strategies and document specific business development action steps. It is differentiated from other CRM, pipeline or statistical models because of its focus on the front end of the sales process, resulting in:
​​​       •  Revenue growth through increased market penetration via product and customer diversity. 
       •  Gross and net profit margin expansion by identifying and focusing efforts in high margin areas.
       •  Employee & operational efficiency improvements through the elimination of poorly planned business development efforts and                      random activities. 
       •  Customer satisfaction & loyalty as a result of aligning value propositions.
       •  Sustained profitability improvement through strategic, measurable and time bound sales planning.

​Sales is arguably the most misunderstood and underutilized discipline in business today and if your organization is among those struggling with how to address it, I can help. My unique value proposition is simple: I have been in your position and want to share my real world experience with your team, helping overcome challenges and instill confidence, resulting in sustainable improvements as noted above (r
evenue, profitability, predictability and resource allocation). I liken my approach to the proverb,"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."


If you are interested in this type of help, I'd welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs further.


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