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Helping industrial B2B companies identify profitable growth opportunities and efficiently and effectively develop and implement the necessary strategies to secure them through better sales planning & forecasting reliability.
Our tagline, "Discovering What Sales Can Be", says it all.

Welcome To Business Betterments
"Discovering What Sales Can Be"

At Business Betterments, we're dedicated to helping you unlock the full potential of your sales and business development efforts. Through our strategic expertise and innovative solutions, we drive sustainable improvements in revenue growth, profitability, and predictability for our customers. Our disciplined and systematic approach, powered by our proprietary GENREV!™ program, ensures tangible results.

Meet Our Founder, Chuck Kitchen

Chuck Kitchen, the visionary behind Business Betterments, brings a wealth of experience in industrial B2B sales, marketing, and operations to the table. With a background deeply rooted in US industrial manufacturing and distribution, Chuck has navigated every level of the business landscape, from field sales to executive management. His insights, honed through recession turnarounds and extensive board memberships, make him a relatable and trusted advisor across all business disciplines. Chuck is collaborative, working side-by-side to help improve revenue, profitability and customer relationships.

Sales Forecasting, Why It Matters & US

Sales forecasting is the cornerstone of effective business planning, providing companies with the insights needed to make informed decisions and achieve accurate sales predictions. Yet, many organizations struggle to enhance their sales planning and forecasting predictability, leading to challenges in crucial areas such as revenue, profitability, and resource allocation. Our GENREV!™ is a user-friendly, pragmatic and cost-effective solution.


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