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Expert Guidance

Are you looking to improve your sales strategy (and profits)? Something to help you and your individual salespeople better manage their time and performance? Do any of these apply:

  • Your organization does not conduct a forecast?

  • If you do:              

       - You are not confident with it?

       - It lacks details such as information by customer, industry and month?

       - It doesn't incorporate objectives, timeframes and measurables? 

       - It does not help identify profitability for the organization and compensation for individual salespeople? 

       - It lacks historical & future data such as: sales, potential, profit info, industry, customer type, and more?     

       - It may not be all encompassing: Who creates it?  The salespeople, management or both?

  • You wonder where your salespeople spend their time?       

  • Market potentials are unknown and strategic plans to capture some or all of it are lacking?

  • A tremendous amount of time is consumed manually compiling information to manage the sales process?


Our proprietary GENREV!™ program addresses these and other issues. By effectively developing and managing a sales strategy, you will transform individual and company sales performance to new heights. GENREV!™ : 

  • Is remarkably user-friendly and pragmatic, enabling everyone in the process to establish measurable, mutually agreed upon goals and objectives.                 

  • Provides a dynamic, self-management tool dramatically improving efficiencies throughout your entire organization.

  • Supports your organization's profit goals through various reporting options including both revenue and gross margin as well as individual sales professional compensation levels - everyone wins.


This 2017 survey of sales professionals highlights where they spend their time - ONLY 34% is selling! GENREV!™ changes this.  


This is not a CRM program. It is a very user-friendly, pragmatic and cost-effective solution that provides detailed sales and financial insight to and from everyone; field sales through operations up to corporate management. Instead of collecting data, we use the SMART method (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) in setting and meeting both sales and profit goals.


Increasing revenue does not mean it is profitable; we help you do both.

                                                           Watch these brief videos to learn more:










Achieve Your Goals

Do you find yourself between leaders? Maybe you don't need a full-time leader? Perhaps you need someone to help move the organization forward and would like the perspective of an outside source with a diverse background? We can help.

Our hands-on, real world experience includes:

  • Public and private organizations.

  • Large and small business.

  • Field sales to leadership with full P&L and Board membership.

  • History of implementing necessary change.

  • Development and implementation of sales and business strategy and maximizing profitability.

  • People skills.


We've been where you are and empathize - we "get it" and want to help. Why not give us a call to discuss your needs and our solutions?  


Grow Your Human Capital

We all need someone to confide in and help us and that is especially true of sales professionals.


Sales is arguably the most misunderstood and under utilized discipline in business and unfortunately, many business and sales leaders avoid discussing their problems because of this.  That only compounds the problem. Most people want direction and to be successful. We can help.

Consider these statistics from a 2017 HubSpot survey of salespeople who said they:

  • Prefer 1:1 training, which is difficult to scale.

  • Depend strongly on their managers and peers for support; this is especially the case for women in sales.

  • Are unlikely to change their habits after they've figured out what works for them.

  • Probably unintentionally ended up in the sales profession.


If you lack the time and need change from your salesforce, what will you do?

Visualize this: We recognize every situation is different and by rolling up our sleeves and taking the time to get to know the individuals, organization and company culture first, we provide the right assistance to meet your specific needs. Quite often this is a matter of good listening, guidance and encouragement via one-on-one dialogue.  


We've done this time and time again and know how to bring out the best in others, resulting in both individual and company growth.


Discover Our Expertise

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