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Getting Insight

Critical Sales Issues You Need To Know

Take this self-assessment to determine potential risks associated with your organization's sales process.

Internal Sales Evaluation

Using index cards (yes, index cards), try this group activity and observe the reactions of your group (it will be thought provoking).


Elevate Your Sales Game: Here’s a copy of our time-tested Focus 40 List – a tried-and-true ally in meeting (and exceeding) sales forecasts. It's a game-changer. Sharing is caring, so feel free to pass it on and drop us a message for personalized guidance.

FOCUS 40 (F40)


When you take a close look at your available time to spend in direct contact with customers, you might be surprised to find it is half as much time as you thought. Take a few seconds and input your specific inputs to find out how much time you have "to make rain."


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