Manufacturers are charged with producing a quality, competitive product, just in time, while working within a set of tight parameters and being profitable. It’s not easy and all too often there is room for improvement between production and sales. Utilizing our holistic, disciplined and systematic approach to sales, we eliminate this while helping improve efficiencies for all. The results are sustainable improvements in predictability, revenue growth and profitability.


Distributors are the lifeline to other organizations expecting products and services in a timely and cost effective manner to keep them running.  The competition is fierce, margins are stressed and all too often, the salesforce struggles with pricing, brand and product availability and other issues related to meeting company goals.  We  know distribution and the issues you face and eliminate these and other issues you face, resulting in sustainable improvements in predictability, revenue growth and profitability.

GENREV! ™ is also applicable to these market segments as a value added service to their customers (click each one for more information):

*It's also API compatible and integrates with Epicor ERP10*

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